Article by Eric Mok

I am a Hong Kong citizen, and my favourite band is Oasis, do you like them? You might be surprised that a Hong Kong person likes Oasis! I think English people also like them, what is your favorite song from Oasis? Live Forever? Wonderwall? Or Don’t look back in anger? Let me tell you about how an overseas student’s views Oasis.

Let me tell you how I know Oasis. I know Oasis because of my cousin, he also is an overseas student in the UK. One day he told me he listened a song call Don’t look back in anger. He felt very good about this song, so he told me to listen it. When I listened to this song, I also feel very good, so I found more songs by Oasis. When I listened to Liam Gallagher’s vocal, I feel surprised because his vocal is so special, he sang so dynamically and emotionally so that’s why I like his vocal.

Also, I like Noel Gallagher’s guitar, composition and lyric writing skills because he wrote many songs for Oasis and he wrote a lot of lyrics with really good meanings. What a rhyme and melody in Oasis’s songs. My favourite song by Oasis is Live Forever because the rhyme and lyrics are too good. The most profound lyric is, “You and I are gonna live forever”, when I listen this bit of live forever it makes my heartbeat.

I think Oasis made so many memories for Britain. Oasis also made me create music, they made me like Rock ‘n Roll music, and also made me like to play guitar and drums. Oasis is not only the memory of most British people, but also my memory and they are my inspiration.