An immense amount of pressure is placed on the shoulders of Gen Z. It seems that we are constantly reminded of the precarious future that lies in our hands. Yet it can often feel that, though we have been born into the age of technology and will so clearly navigate the world through this make-or-break century, our voices can simply be drowned out by a deluge of fake news and anonymous criticism. However, in the face of the unrelenting challenges and obstacles which seem to increase by the day, I am comforted most by the voices of our own generation. Whether it’s ending period poverty in the UK, combatting climate change in Sweden or fighting for the right to an education in Pakistan, Amika George, Greta Thunberg and Malala Yousafzai are just a handful of young people changing the world.

An explosion of fear and uncertainty was set off in March last year when, following the turbulent preceding months, the UK lockdown was announced. Instead of admitting defeat in the face of adversity, several pupils took to their keyboards and began to write for this brand new, student led, online magazine. Just like Amika, Greta and Malala, pupils at Mount Kelly refused to be daunted by the obstacles ahead of them, and decided it was time to have their voices heard. The following articles, reviews, short stories and paintings were created during some of the most tumultuous months that we have seen in recent history and reflect the spirit of relearning and self-educating that so many of us have undertaken during the lockdown.

You can expect to find scientific exploration into issues of climate change and pollution; comments on social movements like feminism and insights into racial injustice, sexuality and gender, in this eclectic collection of expressive and contemporary articles that is the first issue of The Spoken Generation.
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