Written by Max Wu

The following piece was written by an international student in Year 10 who wrote the entire article in his second language.

How can you not put MSG in egg-fried rice?! If you ask most British people, they probably won’t know how to make proper egg-fried rice. There are a lot of reasons why British people make egg-fried rice in the wrong way. Cooking is an art. There is no rushing it.

In egg-fried rice history, begins when the Chinese people created fried rice, so all fried rice dishes can be traced back to the origin of Chinese fried rice (including egg-fried rice). So, I think that I have the qualifications to be able to spot the mistakes that British people make when making egg-fried rice.

First, let us talk about cooking rice, why do some people not wash their rice when they start cooking it? This is really imperative because washing rice can wash away the silt and debris that can be found in the rice grains. That is why we need to clean the rice with clean water.

To cook the rice, you can use a pot (remember don’t put too much water in!). However, I would say that using a rice cooker is an excellent way to cook the rice properly as it makes your life easier, trust me!

Secondly, why do people put too much water in? This means that they need to drain the rice using a colander which is ridiculous in China. Rice is not pasta; you can’t put it into a colander! If the rice is too wet, you can’t use that to make egg-fried rice at all as the rice will not taste very good.

Thirdly, most people use a non-stick pan to fry the rice, however, there is a huge problem when they do this. Why they do they use an iron spoon to fry the rice or serve the rice? Your pan is non-stick, you can’t use an iron spoon, it’s coated! The iron spoon will destroy the coating and then the pan will not be non-stick at all! If I used an iron spoon on a non-stick pan my grandma would probably not want me anymore!

The last thing and most important thing is the seasoning. British people use salt, soy sauce, or black pepper. But there is one thing that they forgot - MSG. Why don’t they put MSG in their egg-fried rice? Most people think that MSG is not good for your health, even I did at first, however there are not many people know why MSG is so good in egg-fried rice. So, let us think, is it true that MSG is bad for your body? The fact is yes because of the sodium inside, but to reach a level of sodium that is harmful to the body, you need to eat a few packets of MSG a day, which is basically impossible. Generally, people who consume MSG within the normal range will not harm their health in any way. And MSG can balance, blend and enrich the overall experience of other taste sensations. So basically, it will be fantastic when you put MSG (the king of flavour) in your egg-fried rice! Have you ever put MSG in your food? Try it, trust me. Although, you shouldn’t us MSG too much.

Well, these are the mistakes that most British people make when they are making egg-fried rice. Man is undoubtedly the master of the earth, but he is a slave to his stomach. Making great egg-fried rice not only gives you great pride, but it also gives your stomach endless satisfaction. Fried rice is not just a fried rice, it may be more delicious than any big meal. So, will you remember these things while you are making egg fried rice?