Creative piece by Joshua Anderson

The sky is over-powered by the thick, dense smoke, and fire infuses the blood-orange sky. Ash and embers glow like glistening stars in the hellish landscape; vicious, intense winds blow the embers brighter and hotter; looking like a thousand devil eyes staring into the acrid clouds.Fire tornados swiftly grasping around hopeless trees leave nothing but a devastated landscape behind. The crisp “snip snap whoosh” of the roaring blaze as dying branches and twigs gasp for their last breaths of air before tumbling into the ashes. Dry grassy paddocks left scarred as their rugged natural beauty is eradicated in an instant. Continuously spreading like wild fire it progressively dominates and destroys everything in its path, leaving behind only remains of what once was.

Possessively latching onto despairing homes, burning every little remnant and memory, the fire was everywhere as it engulfed the house from all sides. From the roof to the doors, even bursting through various openings, looking like a fire-breathing dragon escaping its prison. Disintegrating. The house screeches in agony and pain as it is reduced to a pile of rubble, ashes, smouldering wood and miscellaneous, hardly identifiable, items. Memories slowly decimated. Everything gone in an instant. A lifetime of montages perished expeditiously; what was once a happy, loving, caring home is now just a burning furnace of devastation.

It takes many years to build up a dream house, but it takes nature only a few minutes to completely destroy those dreams. The immense fire continues to rage as it spits out diabolical fireballs scarring the terrain.

The kangaroos are stuck in an endless maze of hell Isolated, powerless, vulnerable, fleeing for their lives as the bushfires abruptly close in on them, shutting off every attainable exit of escape. Overwhelmed by the bushfires, fear instantly rushes through their frail bodies as the excruciatingly hot ground scalds their paws. Innocent babies lost and parted from their families; they cry out in fear and despair. Heavy smoke blinds their vision, leaving them stranded and helpless. Koalas desperately grasp the charcoaled branches as they hang on by a thread. Falling off, one by one, like unfrozen icicles as they fall into the pool of lava that lays below them.Heroic firemen rush over in their heavy fireproof suits, which are slowing them down, whilst battling against the fire as it maliciously attacks them. Putting their innocent lives on the line to save these innocent animals as they both burn, only the latter screaming out for help. They hand them to the doctors, who begin putting them in cages, segregating the anxious animals from their families as they are driven to sanctuaries and given special medical attention.

Livelihoods demolished, shattered and vanished. The landscape is left looking like a charcoaled landfill site. The world watches from a distance with hurt and pain as a part of it burns alive. Eventually, the firefighters take control of the taunting flames, causing an end to their existence. Until the next time…